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US dollars are accepted everywhere, but your best exchange rates will be at the Banks or ATMs where you can withdraw in Pesos

Purified Water

A purified water is provided at Casa Elegante.  Using our “treated” local water provided by the city, should not be a concern to brush your teeth, however we DO NOT advise drinking it.  Bottled water is recommended for drinking.  If you will be cooking, Microdyn will be provided to wash fruits and vegetables.


Restaurants and Bars, it is customary to leave a tip 15-20% of the total bill.  Some restaurants may include the tip “propina” on the bill if your part of a large group.


Isla Mujeres is hot and sunny all year round. The average temperature is between 80° F – 92° F (27° C – 33° C). July and August are the warmest months. June – October is the rainy season. The showers pass by quickly.

Time Zone

Isla Mujeres is on Central Standard Time (CST).


Spanish is the official language. English is understood and spoken.


Mexico’s electricity is the same as that of the US: 120V; 60 Hz

Phone Calls


Calling Mexico – land line:  011 (International code) 52 (country code) 989 (area code) and the 7-digit phone number


Calling Mexico – Mobile phone:  011 (International code) 52 (country code) 1 (cell indicator) 989 (area code) and the 7-digit phone number

Call From MX

Calling FROM Mexico to US:  001 (access code) then area code and phone number

Extra Info

Contact your cell phone company before leaving the US as some US carriers have arrangements with Mexican carriers and instructions may vary.

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